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How to Measure Parts and Garages

How to Measure Parts and Garages
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Accuracy is the key to excellent garage door performance and the reason why the right measurements play such an important role. Whether you need to replace the existing garage door or some of its parts, knowing which ones to order in terms of size is of the essence. Let's say that you order a door wider than the opening at your garage. What will you do then? If you order shorter cables, you might be able to make some adjustments. Still why should you go to all this trouble? It's always preferable to get the right size products. If you are not sure of how to measure them accurately, get assistance at Garage Door Repair Pine Hills. If you are under the impression that you haven't measure them right, try again.

Although most residential garage doors are made of the same size, still you shouldn't take your chances. There might be some slight differentiations among doors manufactured by various brands. Your garage might be larger than average ones or might have a particularly wide two car door. There is a reason why manufacturers are willing to have your door custom made and the particular size is the most important of them all. When it comes to garage door parts, you still have to make the right choice. This time, the size and strengths of the components must meet the demands of the door. In a different case, the door won't move right or with ease.

Taking the right measurements is of the essence

How to Measure Parts and Garages

Take garage door springs, for example. As some of the most vital parts, they must be measured in terms of their length, inside diameter among coils, coil thickness, spring ends and winds. The winding cones will determine how the coils will turn. Let's assume that you have two torsion springs installed on the door. The one with the right winding will go on the left side of the angle bracket and the left wind spring will go on the right. Tracks come out in three widths and different lengths. You must notice whether you need one, two or three inches wide tracks. If they are longer than the ones you need, you have to cut the excess section. If you have a high lift system, you must get longer vertical garage door tracks. The rollers must be chosen accordingly. As long as you have selected the right tracks, the rollers you choose will be appropriate for the door. The most significant thing is that the size of the rollers will be the right one for the weight of the door. After all, the overhead door is attached and travels along the rollers. They must be strong enough.

When it comes to measuring the garage, you must think of your needs. If you want to swamp from one door type to another, you must be very precise. Not all doors open the same way. If you had swing doors so far but want to switch to overhead doors now, it's vital to measure well the header and the backroom. If you had an overhead door and want to get swing doors, it's crucial to have enough space in the driveway for the doors to open. For overhead torsion spring doors, for example, you will need 13'' headroom and additional 3'' for the electric garage door opener. The size parts besides the opening must be at least 3 ½ to 4'' wide. Most certainly, you must know the exact distance from the header to the floor and the width of the opening. 

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